How It Works

Each product will include some of the following customisation options: 

Embroidery Design: Here you select from the dropdown which embroidery design you would like. The options available per product changes, with some products having 15 to choose from, where pet towels only have 2 options. Baby products also have fun unique embroidery design options which are different from the other products. 

Embroidery Design Colour: Depending on the product and hence the embroidery design options available, you may see the customisation "Embroidery Design Colour (up to 5 depending on design)." Here, you can decide on what colours are used in the actual embroidery design, for example you might want a blue flower or an orange flower, or a pink mixing bowl and yellow whisk - the choice is yours. This is limited to 5 max, and simple look at the embroidery design options and then in the customisation box let us know which colour you want for which part. 

Name: You don't have to have a name, but you can! Many of our photos include names in them, so if you would like your product to include a name, include it here. 

Name Colour: Let us know which colour you would like the name text to be in, from our list of colours. 

Name Font: We have 16 fonts available for you to choose from for your name. Each font has a number assigned to it, 1-16. Simple choose which number font you want, and include this number in the box. 

Still Have Questions: We have tried to make the site as intuitive and easy to use as possible, but we understand you might still have questions. Not to worry, simply get in touch and we will help you out!